This is the list of equipments available in BUMEMS laboratory. This list will expand in time and will be updated regularly.

· Two fume hoods: One for acid-base reactions like KOH, HF etching, metal wet etching, photoresist development...etc. The other is for solvents to strip photoresist, develop SU-8 ...etc.

· Two hot plates: First one is a digital Fisher Brand hotplate with a magnetic stirrer. The second one is Barnstedt Termolyn, model Super Nouva, digital hotplate with magnetic stirrers.

· A desktop Computer: 3.2 GHz Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB hard disk.

· Arcelik Refrigerator: Model 4252TMB, 450 liter volume. To store chemicals, polymers and organic materials.

· Arcelik Air Conditioner: Model 4020YS. For air conditioning and temperature control of the room. 

· Various protective clothing and glassware for chemical processing: Goggles, spectacles, latex and acid/base gloves, aprons, coveralls, shoe covers, caps, face-shield, sleeve protector, plastic bottles, beakers, parafilm, Petri dish, pipettes, vials… etc.

· Spin-coater: SPIN150-v3 single wafer (150 mm or 6 inch) spin-coater from SPS-Europe, manufactured by APT and VP-0523 oil free rotary Vacuum Pump purchased from SPS-Europe.

Electrical Testing Equipment:

* Agilent 34410A, Digital multimeter-6.5 digit

* Agilent 33220A 20 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

* 150 MHz Gold Digital Storage Oscilloscope

* DC Power supply, 0-60 V, 0-3A adjustable

* DC Power Supply: 2 outputs with 0~30V, 1 output with 2.2~5.2V and 1 output with 8~15V, adjustable.

· Screen printer machine: Screen printer (serigrafi or silkscreen) machine with vacuum.

Precision Balance: Precisa xb220A scs with 0.1 mg resolution, 220 g max. weight.

· UV Lamp: UV lamp that emits light at 365 nm. It is used for polymerization.

Custom made alignment system with a custom made exposure unit: The system includes micromanipulators: X and Y linear positioners, vertical (Z) linear positioner, precision rotation stage, metric aluminum breadboard, damped rods with racks and adjustable bracket. Exposure system has a shutter and a 1200 W Hg-Xe bulb, emitting at 250, 360 and 450 nm wavelengths.

· DI Water System: Capable of supplying ultrapure DI water
(18.2 resistivity and 1.5 L/min flow rate) and pure DI water (10 resistivity and 12 L/hour flow rate). The system has high purity DI water, ultrapure DI water , 30 lt. storage tank and pre-treatment units. DI water is circulated between the storage tank and the high purity DI water unit. (from TKA)

· Research variable volume pipettes: Eppendorf epResearch3 Pack option 1. 0.5-10 ul adjustable pipet, 10-100 ul' adjustable pipette, 100-1000 ul adjstable pipette with disposable pipette tips.

· Air Compressor: Black & Decker

Optical Testing Equipment:

* Ocean Optics USB4000 Plug&Play Miniature Fiber Optical Spectrometer

* Fiber optic integrating sphere, FOIS-1

* Radiometrically calibrated Light Source, LS-1-CAL-INT-220

* Fiber optic cable and measurement software

· Nikon Measurement Microscope with a CCD camera (MM400L): Stage 4x4 (100mm x 100mm), 3 axis Metric Stage Micrometer Type C with digital display, Top and bottom lighting, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x and 1000x magnification, DPxView Pro Software for Measuring, Reporting, Annotation & Image Browsing

· High Vacuum Thermal Evaporator (NanoVak, NVTS-01, Can deposit metal films from two sources (one source for Cr, Ti and Al, the other is for Au). Has one 4-inch wafer holder that can rotate for uniform coatings. Has precise thickness and pressure monitors. Can heat the chamber and the substrate separately. Has a gas valve and a plasma electrode, to create Ar or oxygen plasma to clean the substrate. It is a great machine.

· Ultrasonic Cleaner: With heating capability. United Ultrasonic cleaner, 40 KHz, 4 lt, 400 Watt.

Desktop Vacuum System For Various Experiments (NanoVak, 30x30x30 cm SS304 chamber that can go down to 10-7 Torr. Ulvac GLD-136 8m3/h vacuum pump with dust/oil filter and 1m long SS316 KF25 connection hose that can go down to 10-3 torr. 3 CF40 port, 3 KF25 port. 14 1” closed ports, 2 KF25 gas valve, 2 KF16 vent valve, 1 4x15 A-500V electric feedthrough, 2 100A-1000V electric feedtrhough, 3 mechanical feedthrough, 2 BNC feedthrough, 1 double channel cooling water input and output ports, 1 100 mm Borosilicate glass window. 1 Thermocouple and digital controller. Capable to maintain the vacuum condition.

· Solder Rework Station: JBC AM6850, hot-air, vacuum, solder suction, soldering iron and stereozoom microscope for inspection.

· High Voltage Power Supply: Glassman EK02R300-JH2, 2000 volt max, 300mA, 600 Watt.

· High Current Power Supply: Xantrex, XFR2800W, 40V,70A.

· Oxygen Plasma Cleaner: 300 W RF plasma cleaner with automatic impedance matching with two input gasses.

· Flood Exposure System: 500 W Oriel exposure system.

· 3D Printer for Fast Prototyping: MakerBot Replicator 2

· Thermocompression ve Thermal Bonding Press: Carver CH Press 4386CE

· Ultrasonic Soldering System: USS9210, MBR Electronics

· Coil Winder

BogazIcI UnIversIty

MIcro Electro MechanIcal Systems